What to do on the farm?

Mushroom picking

Take a walk and see if you can find any mushrooms in the woods. They always thrive after rainy, hot summers. Chantarelle and king bolete are some of the good species you may find. Please have the right of public access in mind when you are in nature.


It's an easy ride to both Hult, Höreda and Eksjö. Hult's camping offers swimming, crazy golf and icecream.

Animals on the farm

There are a bunch of different animals on the farm. Tame animals like horses, cows, sheep and cats can easily be spotted on the farm. If you are out walking in the forest you may also be able to see deers, fallow deers, hares, foxes, wild hogs and with some real luck you may even see the king of the woods, the moose! If you don't want to miss latter, we can recommend Moosepark in Målilla (69 km), Moosepark in Kosta (110km) and Moosepark in Ljungby (160km).

Pippi Långstrump

Pippi Longstocking


If you never have played golf before we recommend you to go to Boaryd's 9 holes pay-and-play course where no green card is required. The course is located between Hult and Eksjö about 8 km from the farm. The course is probably one of the most well-trimmed pay-and-play courses in the south of sweden, why even more professional players would want to play it. There are also Skedhult's 18-holes course not far from Eksjö and about 20 km from the farm. Eksjö Golf


Ljusboden (english = candle shop) offers true småländskt handicraft and a lot of candles. Ljusbodens website.

Boda Borg

Boda borg offers hard quests for both children and adults. Read more about it here.


During winter Valbacken is open for down-hill running. Bring your own ski or hire at the place. Valbacken website.

Albert Engströms Garden

Be entertained by Albert Engstöms theatre at Albert Engstöm's garden in Hult. Read more.


Gokart can be found both in Bruzaholm and Eksjö. The course in Bruzaholm is indoors and they time how fast you can drive. In Eksjö the track is outside. If you are up for it, Eksjö can also offer a round of paintball. Visit Eksjös gokart och paintball. Gokart in Bruzaholm, call (0046)0381-20260




Solgen is a good lake for pike-perch fishing and with a fishing license and a boat, you will be on your way out to catch the big fish. You can read more about fishing in Solgen by clicking here.


Don't want to fish but still enjoy the tranquility of the water? Take a canoe trip. It's an amazing experience to be paddling around during an early foggy summer morning!

Activities in Småland

Astrid Lindgrens world

Visit Astrid Lindgrens world and you will meet Pippi Longstocking, the brothers Lionheart, Emil of lönneberga and a lot of other well-known characters from the books of Astrid Lindgren. alv.se

Skurugata and Skuruhatt

Take a walk through the 800 meters long cliff canyon, Skurugata. The canyon is probably an effect of the ice sheet's deglaciation. It is between 7 and 24 meters wide and about 35 meter deep. So you prefer heights? Visit Skuruhatt which is one of the highest points in Småland. More on Skurugata and Skuruhatt can be found on visiteksjo.se.


Wild strawberries can be found on the pens


Let youself be fascinated by "the Glass country" Småland. You can visit some of the fanciest glassworks in Sweden, such as Kosta, Nybro and Orrefors, and admire the genuine handwork and new designs. Read more.