Solgen is the home for a lot of different species: pike, pike-perch, perch, tench, bream, roach, bleak, burbot, rudd, eel, whitefish, vendace, vimba, trout and crayfish. Most fishermen are however after the pike-perch. It is a delicious fish and it puts up a serious fight when it's being caught.

About Solgen

Solgen is a mesorophic lake i.e. moderate nutritious with both sand and mud soil. The deepest point is 20 meters and on average the depth is 5.4 meters. The areal of the sea is about 22,20 km². There is a good stand of both pike-perch and perch in the lake.


Depth-map, Solgen
Depth-map, west of Solgen
Depth-map, east of Solgen

Fishing license and equipment

Fishing license for the area of Skälsnäs can be bought on the farm. Please see the maps above for more information on where the fishing license is valid. Boat with or without motor can be hired. Children under the age of 15 are free to fish all across the lake. Only hand tools are allowed.

Boats in autumn

pike-perch 7,5 kg

To think about

A fishing license are for every species except from crayfish. The common rule in the lake is that the pike-perch should be at least 45 cm, before taking it up for eating. All fish that are to harmed to survive shall of course be put to death. It's prohibited to debark on some of the islands in the lake during some birds breeding season. On these islands, there should be a sign.